Cornish Chillies

Welcome to Cornish Chillies –  Our small team is passionate about growing the finest chillies and creating the tastiest sauces that bring a burst of flavour to any dish.

Our farm is located in the heart of Cornwall, where we grow a variety of chillies using sustainable farming practices. From the fiery-hot habaneros to the milder jalapeños, we carefully cultivate our chillies to ensure they reach their full potential.

Once our chillies are fully ripened and bursting with flavour, we handpick them and create our delicious range of sauces. From classic hot sauces to sweet and spicy varieties, our sauces are perfect for adding some extra zing to your meals.

We’re proud to be based in Cornwall, and we’re passionate about using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. By choosing Cornish Chillies, you’re supporting a small, independent business that’s dedicated to producing the finest chilli products in the South West.

So why not spice up your life with Cornish Chillies? Browse our range of sauces and discover your new favourite flavour today.



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