3 Sauce Gift Pack – Hot Mix


This pack contains our hotter sauces:

Tomm Sows Made with our Indian chillies such as the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chilli) this hot sauce celebrates the fusion of communities when Cornish mining immigrants and their families helped mine for gold in southern India, bringing wealth and prosperity to the area.

Jamaican Gold Made with Jamaican chillies this sweet, ginger and fruity sauce is one of our range of sauces which celebrates Cornish connections around the world. With a good heat it is great with stir fries, noodles, risottos, salads and even ice cream.

Myjer means ‘Reaper’ in Cornish and uses superhot chillies including Carolina Reaper Chilli, to date the hottest chilli in the world. Combined with Bourbon and Coffee it is a rich, smoky, flavoursome BBQ sauce with a great lasting ‘kick’.



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